How To Use The CreaClip

Just Clip, Slide, and Cut!

1. Section the hair following the easy step-by-step instructions.

2. Clip the CreaClip on the hair and slide to desired length.

3. Check bubble on rotating leveler to ensure the clip is level.

4. Cut along the guide.

For layering you take all of your hair and put it in the front of your head then place the clip evenly and cut then perfect layers!




You can cut straight across for a blunt look or vertical to get that soft textured look just like they do it in the salons.

Use your imagination and ingenuity to create unlimited hairstyles with the CREACLIP.

Layered hair

Cut Layers into Your Hair at Home with the Creaclip

Layers add volume, movement and style to long hairstyles. Sometimes we don’t have the money or the time to go to the hair salon for a professional haircut. When you giving yourself layers you should choose lengths based on your face shape and hair texture. Longer layers look great on round or square faces because they add length to your face shape, while shorter layers give balance to heart-shaped and oval faces.

Layer your own hair and get rid of split ends for healthy looking hair. There are a lot of benefits in learning how to cut your hair in layers with the Creaclip. People of any age group can wear a layered hair cut style and doing it yourself will save you a lot of time and money!

Hair can be cut into many layers. Layered hair looks great on long hair. You can add different sized layers according to your facial shape. If you have thin hair then layers can add a volume to the hair.

Another advantage of adding layers is, it can prevent your hair from split ends or any other damages. Very thick and healthy hair also looks lightened by cutting it into many layers. The layered hair cut style requires low maintenance.


For very curly hair

You can use Creaclip on curly or straight, thick or thin hair. First make sure hair is combed, free of tangles. If your hair is really curly you can decide to blow dry straight or flat-iron hair before cutting for best results.

The unique design flexes to adjust to different thicknesses of hair. If your hair is really thick, divide it into two or three sections, and then cut. You also do not have to straighten curly hair before cutting it with Creaclip.

Use Creaclips on dry hair! (Cutting hair dry, gives you a more precise cut!) TIP: Blow dry and straighten your hair before you cut if desired.

People with curly, wavy or coarse hair may feel that it is even a bigger challenge to trim their hair. Since this type of hair textures typically grow at various lengths, it is often better to continue with that growth. You can easily position the Creaclip to cut certain sections of your hair, which will also allow for you to create layers. You may position the clip the same way as you would with straight hair.

Creaclip can easily be used on curly hair, to trim bangs and also add layers. If looking to create bangs Creaclip comes with a smaller device to cut your bangs. The clip can even be positioned to cut at an angle or even a blunt. If you have thick curly hair it is better to cut at an angle to reduce volume.

You want to know the secret to get a really spectacular hair cut. Top stylists have learned a skill that’s been passed down from stylists to stylist- the dry cut. It’s not taught in schools; the art of dry cutting is when a stylist washes, dries, flat irons and styles the hair before cutting the hair. You can see where the hair puffs up or which direction it wants to go, this way, your cut comes out perfect!

And dry cutting is also PERFECT for you FRINGE!


CreaClip + Scissors VS Regular Comb + Scissors

Here’s what your regular comb lacks in comparison to the CreaClip:

With a regular comb you can never get the perfect level.

But with CreaClip clipped on your hair and the bubble balanced in the middle there’s not much to getting the perfect level. 

A regular comb cannot be used to get a haircut yourself since you would have to hold the comb in one hand and the scissors in the other, all the while making sure that you’re not snipping off extra.



Be careful! It is easy to snip your fingers along with your hair!

To check the back of your hair, stand in front of a mirror and hold a hand-held mirror behind you.

Cut horizontally for a blunt look or hold the scissors at a 45 degree angle and cut vertically for a soft textured look.

Trims should be done at least one-half inch above the split to reduce the chances of additional unravelling and to keep splits from recurring, regular trims are recommended every 4-6 weeks and with the Creaclip you can do it in the convenience of your own home.


Choose a hair cut from our Creaclip Video Tutorial Page and cut your hair accordingly. Be it bangs layers or a simple straight cut.