Used for hair cutting guides in the nature of a device clamped to hair providing an edge, to guide a hair cutting instrument across the hair.

CreaClip is a unisex handy two piece device that lets you cut your own and family’s hair at home without having the struggle of cutting freehand.


Creaclip is a fool-proof guide to where your hair needs to be cut; the right angle, the right shape, and even has a built-level to allow you to cut straight across or at a perfect angle.

You will learn the following hair cutting techniques :

Side-swept, straight or any type of bangs
Precise layers (perfect symmetric)
Face framing layers
Top layers for volume & body
Layers in curly hair
Horizontal cuts, vertical textured cuts
A-line bobs (asymmetrical), shoulder length bobs
One length, U-shape and V-shape cuts.

You can create a new style even for a wig, weave or hair extensions from scratch.

Achieving professional results at the expense of your very own hands are now possible!

No matter if your hair is long, short, curly, straight, thick, or thin…the CreaClip should work for you!

Gain control of your own hair length and style! 



Creaclip Commercial